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Watch Free Sikka Punjabi Movie Online Filmywap “SIKKA” is a story based on today’s youth, with a moral ending. This film is about the game called Planchet – the story glues you to the edge of the seat, when a group of friends, one night, while playing this game, toss a coin to call a spirit and start asking questions. They make fun of everyone while the spirit is there. After some time when they command the spirit to leave, to their surprise, it refuses to go! That’s when the story begins. Why doesn’t she go? What does she want from these boys? Will the boys survive? Many such questions unveil a horrifying and eventful story of “SIKKA”. “SIKKA” boasts to be the FIRST EVER PUNJABI HORROR with the combination of horrifying moments that develop further into hilarious & unseen comical sequences, which are amazingly performed by all by our talented actors.

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